24/7 Professional Karaoke & DJ Entertainment! The system is new and completely updated. Ready to use for home, private parties, restaurants, clubs, churches or weddings.

The System includes the following: New Laptop with the Karaoke and DJ programs, New Music Drive and Wireless Mouse.

The laptop includes the DJ and Karaoke programs ready to use. Includes the following updated collection: 240,000+ Karaoke Songs and 80,000+ MP3 Songs; 320,000+ Songs Total.

Includes all styles of music, from the 1920's and updated until 2018. Free monthly karaoke updates are also be provided with the system.

Instructions are also provided to teach you everything you need to know on how to run the system.

Only $700 for the Laptop Karaoke DJ System. Free shipping within the USA.

To order visit our website: KaraokeSystems.usa.cc

For more information Text or Call 863-866-1586


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